My name is Leontine, nice to meet you here!

I was born in France and brought up in the Netherlands. I’m based in a lovely little town and I’m living together with my boyfriend and cat. Every day I’m working on my drawings and tutorials with great passion!

Besides drawing I also have a big passion for animals and music. I’ve been singing and playing the clarinet since I was young.

Photo Leontine van Vliet

My journey so far

I’ve been drawing since I was very young, being extremely inspired by the old Disney movies like ‘Bambi’ and ‘The lion king’. I never thought about it becoming my full time career until I was about 20. After failing college a couple of times I turned to drawing to relax and express my emotions. This is when I decided to turn it into a career. I practiced like my life depended on it and my pet portrait business was born! After working full time as a pet portrait artist for a couple of years I became more interested in teaching. I’ve been teaching for 4 years now and my Youtube video lessons have already reached millions of people! Teaching has become my full time dedication and I’m enjoying it every day.

My passion

I LOVE animals! Trying to express and portray their characters and emotions accurately on paper is my biggest passion. With my work I want to show the beauty of the animals and nature around us. Logically this means my tutorials will mainly contain all kinds of different animals, from dogs and cats to reptiles and fish! Eventually I hope to create tutorials of as many different species as possible. Will you join me?

My goal

Drawing is lovely way to relax and get out of your head, but it can also be frustrating. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start or how to progress. My goal is to help you with that. By showing you the techniques behind all those different color combinations and fur textures I will help you to understand how to use the pencils as effectively as possible. It’s an enjoyable and relaxed way to learn. Eventually you will be able to apply the learned techniques and create original drawings, or a portrait of your own furry friends maybe?